You're not an intoxicating gambler, but like the chance to add more dollars to the month end bank statement.  So, Saturday rolls around, and you joy ride to LOU-siana, in hopes of having some fun at the casino's expense.

Everything's cool, but the ride to and from is still about 4 hours, and if you hit that proverbial losing streak, the trek home could feel like you're waiting for your flight to take-off after spending three hours on the tarmac without food or bathroom.

All things considered, you much rather have a shorter drive and keep it in the immediate family  -  the Texas family, of course.

There are forty states that presently indulge in a form of gaming libation, while Texas and nine others are considered party-poopers.  What's one to do?

The first step is to get the Legislature to put a gambling measure in front of voters, allowing them to decide, if gaming should be allowed in the Lone Star State.  For those opposed to legalization, it would still take voter approval in selected communities to make it law.

I hear the capital location (Austin) will revisit the revenue dominator this session, understanding the benefits of job creation, economic growth, and tax income.

Could the overseers of conscionable morals finally see the forest through the trees and realize that the state lottery is not any different than choosing numbers on a spinning wheel (roulette), tossing dice on a flat board (craps), or picking out a numeric pattern on a screen display (video poker).

Texas is way too big not to join this party, so here's sayin' "hit me baby"!