If you've seen pictures of Dallas Cowboy cheerleaders, you've seen Wade Livingston's work.  He had been taking photos of the cheerleaders for 16 years, right up until his death last week.  Here's what happened.

The Dallas Cowboy cheerleaders are one of the most photographed squads in the NFL - if not the world - and Wade Livingston took hundreds of the most publicized shots over the past decade or more.  He was their photographer, in Arlington at the games, on location with the team, and in tropical settings to get those sexy shots for the calendar.  If you've happened to glance away from the cheerleaders long enough to browse the credits, you've seen his name listed.

Livingston had a passion for cycling, and as he was out riding one day earlier this month near Coppell outside of Dallas, he was struck by a car. He died a week later, on January 18th.  His family is planning to lobby for more bike lanes in the area where he was hit, to give cyclists more space and cut down on fatalities.

The cheerleaders have been expressing condolences on social media, and told KHOU that Wade always had a way of making them feel beautiful. That's a pretty special guy!

As he says on his website, he was, "blessed to find something that I love doing as a career!"  One thing about having a career as a well-known photographer - the work lives on.