Do you remember the lawsuit filed against McDonald's way back yonder in 1986, where someone got "burned" with a cup of scalding coffee?

Since that time, many other food establishments have faced the gavel of courtroom drama, defending their right to serve a refreshing cup of java.

This story is preparing to appear before Judge "Joe", and lends a whole new meaning to being -- burned.

Jennelle Carrillo has got to be the newest poster woman for the advent of frivolous lawsuits.  Two years ago, on a day that the outside temp reached over 100 degrees, she attended an event at Cowboy's Stadium.

The lawsuit maintains that Carrilo, wearing shorts, sat on a black marble bench outside the facility where she received third degree burns, and that the stadium didn't post a "danger" sign warning about excessive heat on an uncovered fixture.

Talk about the Dallas Cowboys being in the hot seat!

What ever happened to common sense?  Don't have any idea how old this woman is, but I'm thinking not over 35, because to survive in the '60's and '70's, you had to be willing to play kickball on blacktop, drink "pop" from a glass bottle, and play indoor dodge ball without so much as a whimper.

In 1968, me and the other "Evil Knievel's" on the block went to the elementary school and "skidded" with our Huffy's and Schwinn's.  This was the art of  accelerating your bike down a long stretch of  hallway, then braking so violently that you would skid to a stop before smashing yourself against a row of vending machines.

Still have the scar on my upper leg after taking eight stitches due to a minor miscalculation.  My parents DID NOT sue the school because I was too young to understand the components of physics.

This attack on the legal system is nothing more than someone trying to extort money.  If I roll down the window in my car, and subsequently get sunburned, can I now sue the automaker for not providing a "window disclaimer", even though I was negligent?

Get a life Jennelle Carrillo!