Now that "Black Friday" is officially over...I mean...Thanksgiving is officially over, we can get back to concentrating on more important life issues.  Like reconstruction of the Dallas Cowboys.

For those trying to make Tony Romo the fall guy, and I used to be on that bandwagon, the supporting cast has just as much to do with this teams ineptitude.

Now, because I was a squirrely dude in high school, and closely resembled Adam Sandler's character in "The Waterboy", foosball, was not my specialty.  But, I wasn't too bad at baseball.  Well, I wasn't too good either.  Anyway, we lost many games by scores of 7-6, 13-11, 10-8, etc...

Here's the point, when you score 8 runs in a game, you should WIN!  The Cowboys put up 31 against the Washington Redskins on Thursday, and still came away as the big turkey (it was Thanksgiving, afterall).  In most cases, I think you should WIN when you score 31 points.

Let's hear it for the Lufkin Panthers, as they head into the third round of playoff action this Saturday in Waco!

Attention Jerry Jones:  video tape the "Pack", then you'll know how to score more than the other guys.