When it comes to sporting contracts being written up for professional athletes, they can sometimes find a clause that excludes them from doing ANYthing detrimental to the good of the team.

Aside from murder, felonious assaults, domestic violence and running a fighting dog ring, which are surely written in the contract blood, but rarely without consequence, the athlete of today is supposed to pass on daredevil stunts.  This may include walking the tightrope between buildings, skydiving with the "Flying Elvis's", or driving a new Ferrari 80 miles per hour over the speed limit.

Guess the lawyers will need to add eating "Jolly Rancher" candy to the agreement.  You see, Barry Church of the Dallas Cowboys didn't miss Monday's training camp because he diverted from the safety net of moral standards set by the National Felon League.  He simply munched too hard on a "Jolly Rancher" candy.

After chipping a tooth, waking up in excruciating pain, then having the dreaded root canal "rush" job (pardon the pun), I'm quite sure that Church will replace the Tootsie Roll's best friend with a sampling of double-mango, kiwi-strawberry yogurt.

Classic rockers should remember this video from the sixties...and, that sound Mr. Owl makes when biting into a hard candy: