When you walk into a KFC (Kentucky Fried Chicken), look on their walls to see if they have a photo of "The Colonel".  Harland Sanders was his real name.

Met him once when I was like, 8 years old.  That's what my parents did for my sister and I.  We loved "Gilligan's Island", so my parents would take us to a restaurant in Southern California owned by the "Skipper".  My dad found out that he always stopped in on Thursday night.  He did - hammered! (no wonder the castaways got stranded).

The "Colonel" was much more obligatory as I recalled.  Shaking hands with everyone, plus posing for photos.  The crowd swell was maybe 50 people.  KFC was not the institution it is now, although kids of today on an outing with their parents is far-fetched, if they wanted to meet a guy in all white suit, they'd probably go for John Travolta.

The President and Chief Executive of KFC Japan by way of Heritage Auctions in the Big "D", purchased the famous Sander's duds for $21,510.  Then he promptly tried on the garb while the wandering eyes of the "Colonel" looked from beyond a wall picture.

You don't think he was upset do you?