Southfork Ranch has closed its doors forever, as a Texas giant has been silenced.

Upon hearing the news, Barbara Eden memorialized Larry Hagman on Facebook and Twitter, writing

"Larry was always, simply Larry...not just a great actor...but an element of pure Americana...", while Linda Gray was quoted as saying "Larry Hagman was my best friend for 35 years".

Born in Texas in 1931 to an attorney father dealing with oil tycoons, Hagman's future occupation as the financial and spiritual corruption leader of Southfork Ranch, was already earmarked for success, but his biggest acting break came as Major Anthony Nelson some 15 years earlier opposite Barbara Eden in "I Dream of Jeannie".

In 1978, Hagman began his on screen busta move that brought "Dallas" to the critical acclaim forefront of television for 13 years.  The "Who Shot J.R." episode broke all types of viewing records back in 1980.  I know people that never watched one episode of the series, yet tuned in for one of the most climatic 60 minutes on the small screen.  For the last year, although in failing health, he still managed to reprise his role in the newer "Dallas" reboot which debuted on TNT earlier this year.

After being diagnosed with liver cancer, Larry Hagman underwent a liver transplant in '95, and given a second chance at life, he also quit smoking and was determined to fulfill his remaining years with zest and zeal.

Here's a Hagman interview talking about his "Jeannie" fame:

Larry Hagman died on Friday, November 23.