Aerosmith's "Dream On" was the first single from their debut album of '73, but not yet branded merchandise (Steven Tyler was just another name to most of us, and I even went to school with two guys wearing that name), the song fiercely struggled to crack the Top 60!

Peaking at number 59 on Billboard, the less than popular power ballad was commercially successful in Boston, where the "dudes" were from.  More of a cult following really.

Check your vinyl, because if you have the 1973 45rpm, you should get the disc appraised.  "Dream On" finally busted through the charts three years after its original release - 1976.  But it was the album (remember those?) version clocking in at four minutes and twenty eight seconds that Classic Rockers were exposed to.  Not the 3:30 single from '73.

Ah-h-h-h-h.  How did the record Gods know, and why was it important to release a longer version?  Alas, we may never know the proverbial answer to that question, and may you lose sleep over this tonight!

I don't meditate, so let's relax together with this Classic Rock walk from 1977 (got to love that grainy video):

Wish I was there right now!