Clyde Barrow, who never lived up to his middle name "Champion", along with outlaw girlfriend Bonnie Parker, have a unique connection in Texas history.  Namely, Clyde's mother, "Cumie", whom according to legend, was born in Nacogdoches.  It is also presumed that his grandparents also resided in East Texas.

Now for the folklore, that Bonnie waited tables in NAC?  Where the Oldtime String Shop currently resides?  It's entirely up to you to "believe, or not believe".

B & C died in LOO-siana in May 1934, and wouldn't you know it, Texas lawman Frank Hamer spearheaded the ambush that ended the notorious couples crime spree.  As a trophy reward, Hammer was given Bonnie's Colt 38, and Clyde's 45 caliber pistol.  Both of which are going to auction in September and expected to fetch over $100,000 each.

Check out this video from 78 years ago, only minutes after their deaths: