Here's what happens when you have a decent three-quarters of one NFL season, then fall flat during the home stretch, finally limping into the playoffs as the 25 to 1 favorite to win the Super Bowl.

The answer should be reinforcing dominance as a heavyweight contender, and concentrating on some inside jabs, whereby reducing the risk of taking full face blows every round.

To the ultimate excuse mongers out there, the way-out ones (as we called them in the sixties), have decided that the Houston Texans are in the same league as "Poltergeist", or "The Exorcist" - CURSED - for not being able to sustain a suitable defensive corp for more than one-third of the season in the last three years.

Not as spectacular as "the curse of the Bambino", and not yet officially named, the curse of the Texans is as follows:

(1) 2010 - Week 6 - Highly touted DeMeco Ryans suffered a season ending Achilles injury.

(2) 2011 - Week 5 - Two time Pro Bowl defensive standout Mario Williams tears his pectoral muscle, and is declared a loss for the remaining 11 games.

(3) 2012 - Week 5 - Performance enhancing drug extraordinaire Brian Cushing blows out his ACL and any chance of finishing the 16 game regular season schedule is gone.

So, according to the believers of the Ouija Board, if all goes as planned, J.J. Watt will be done with the 2013 run not later than Week 6.

Let's certainly hope not, then we shall be able to rest this hex - forever!