Let's face it guys, if you've seen one beauty contest, you've seen them all.  It's all about "the skin" - period!

Now, that's not saying I don't watch beauty pageants, because "hound dogs" can't lie.  But, I do draw the line with underage exploitation of "girls" and "infants".

Did we not learn anything from the JonBonet Ramsey case?  While I have always speculated that some sicko family member was responsible for the toddlers death, I can't help thinking that her beauty queen status was a precursor to the unimaginable.

Recently, a show featuring children, called Pageants of East Texas Little Miss Lufkin, made its way into our Pineywoods, and while I'm certain the organizers and parents of the little tykes see nothing wrong with this event, this type of "stage" conditioning at such a young age is questionable at best.

Don't you just love it, when during the Miss America Pageant, Miss New Hampshire tells the adoring audience that she's been performing in beauty contests since the tender age of six months?  Hardly the personal criteria required for any prospect of real employment.

Okay, so there may be one upside to this contesting, and since I don't dare appear to be too terribly primitive, a modeling contract could be in the cards.  I'm just saying - that walking and playing with dolls - should come before tiaras.

What do you think?