Let me understand this.  You are an officer of the law entrusted to handle a dog as part of your K9 duties.  You reside in a part of the country known to unrelenting heat and humidity during the summer season.  But for some unexplained reason, common sense values vacated your brain long enough for not one, but two dogs perishing inside your patrol vehicle.

It's not the first time for the Bexar County (Texas) Sheriff's Office.  Back in 2010, they dealt with a canine death, under similar circumstances.  Now two more egregious acts of neglect.

In light of this latest appalling episode, an "overhaul" to the system has been announced, while the district attorney's office considers criminal charges for Deputy Steve Benoy.

As the story goes, the sheriff's department was supposed to add heat sensors to their vehicles.  This never happened.  But, I have to ask, if the alarm goes off and nobody's home, and it fails to call someone for assistance, then being given a "loud" warning is ludicrous.

I mean, really?  I'm wearing a gun and badge, and I need to be reminded of my cargo.  What's next?  The "gun" sensor?  The "siren" sensor?

Maybe the oral examination for potential law enforcement candidates in Bexar County should include watching a couple "common sense" episodes of Adam-12 and Dragnet!