Have you ever listened to a morning radio show where you were informed that the President is coming to Lufkin, and this is the first time you have heard about this, even though you are religious when it comes to local headlines?

How about waking up one A.M. to the morning "golden throats", and hearing that the radio station has changed its format to DISCO?

Maybe you are arriving to work beginning the 8 to 5 grind, whereby you turn on your radio to hear the announcement that due to a trucker's strike, gasoline will increase to $7 per gallon beginning at 12 Noon.

I don't know what evil "John Boy & Billy" have up their sleeve, but be aware that Monday is April Fool's Day, and bending over to tie your shoe at the request of a "friend", may be nothing more than an overplayed joke that we've been falling for since grammar school.