I guess when your license plate indicates "State Judge", you are allowed to tailgate other motorists allowing, at best, a roughly calculated, oh I'm guessing, a five percent margin of error in the event the lead vehicle must brake hard.

Case in point this morning (November 28, 2012), heading northbound on 1st Street at approximately 9:35, when I was being followed for about a half mile so closely, that one involuntary sneeze would have resulted in my trunk being buried in the back seat.

When she bolted into the right lane at the Timberland Drive/1st Street/Raguet Street intersection, and as she began to barrel down 1st Street similar to the green flag going up at the Indy 500, I glanced at the SUV, and was surprised to see the "State Judge" moniker prominently displayed.

Giving her the benefit of the doubt, maybe she was running late to court, and if she's not soft on violent crime, then I'm willing to forgive this minor transgression.

And yes, I did get your license plate number in case you want to reach out to me for an explanation...Judge!