While everyone is clamoring today about gun control, noboby talks about the epidemic of inebriated morons taking to their motor vehicle after they've pounded down far too many scotch and sodas.

Let me go on the record by saying I deplore drunk drivers.  "You guys" rarely get hurt after the accident, but almost always keep the undertaker in business.

Killing someone while driving drunk is called involuntary manslaughter, when it should be called murder, plain and simple.  Why?  "You guys" are typically repeat offenders, because the punishment doled out is similar to spending wasted time with your ex-wife or mother-in-law.

On December 7 last year, David Barajas, his wife Cindy, three sons and one daughter , were less than a football field away from their home in the Houston area, when Jose Banda, blowing almost two times the legal limit for intoxicated driving, plowed into the rear of the Barajas truck.  11 year old Caleb, and 12 year old David Jr. died.

Moments later, Banda was shot dead by Barajas, who now faces - murder charges.

Here's the full story.  Make sure you read the comments.