Over the weekend our Houston Rockets took a huge leap of faith towards winning an NBA championship, when they learned by tweet, that the well traveled Dwight Howard was signing with them.  Sure hope 'DH' let the team know of his intentions prior to unleashing his decision.

The deal to move from "LA-LA" land was likely sealed, when days before the decision, star studded L.A. guard Kobe Bryant told Howard to stick with 'his' game plan, and a championship would follow.  In other words, he advised Dwight on the dos and donts when playing in Tinseltown.  Did Kobe put the kibosh on the last thread of hope the Lakers had - deliberately?

In the salary department, Howard wins big time, because as we all know, Texas is not subject to State income tax, and that's a bunch of cabbage saved when you consider ten percent of $88 million is $8.8 million.

Where head coach Kevin McHale appears to be a dream relationship, that could not be said for Howard's former coach Mike D'Antoni, whose system was openly criticized by Howard.  With Houston, as in the similar style he played with in Orlando, he should be free to operate in the post and near the glass without being mauled by defenders.  And that feature pleases Howard immensely.

Vegas liked the move too!  The Rockets opened up as a 25 to 1 proposition to win the NBA championship, but following Howard's team selection, they fastly became a 10 to 1 favorite.

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