The Eagles are set to play their final concert of 2011 this Saturday in Las Vegas, but Joe Walsh reveals that the band plans to do plenty of touring next year to mark its 40th anniversary.  The guitarist tells that the country-rock icons will hit the road for four or five months during the latter part of 2012.

Walsh also reports that the Eagles plan to change things up a bit for the anniversary performances.  "Everybody's seen our show, so we have to put together something new," he explained.  "We've been archiving so much stuff from the band's early days, concert footage and interviews and stuff.  Those will be the visuals to go along with the songs.  We'll also revisit some old songs and some new stuff."

Check out the video for 'How Long'.  It's from their most recent album, 'Long Road Out of Eden'.  It is the seventh studio album the Eagles, released in 2007. Nearly six years in production, Long Road Out of Eden is the first studio album from the Eagles since 1979's The Long Run, and along with the four original tracks on 1994 Hell Freezes Over, and two records in 2003 and 2004 with "Hole in the World" and "One Day at a Time", the only original material since.


How Long

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