Nothing spoils a night sitting on the porch staring at a full moon like an insect infestation.  Where I live - got 'em all - Spiders, Ants, Roaches, and Crickets!  The Crickets outnumber the other bugs about three-to-one.

A person that specializes in the knowledge of insects has an unpronounceable title that begins with the letter "E" and ends with "ologist".  You can either SOLVE THE PUZZLE (Wheel of Fortune), or make an appointment with your optometrist.  If you can read the first three lines of the eye chart, you'll have the official sounding name of a person that gravitates toward something that most of us would simply like to never come in contact with.

Getting back to the Crickets, which blossom each dusk with a ferocious appetite targeted at my domicile, I have had to insulate my home with tape around door jams, floor boards and window seals.  Not to mention, religiously drenching the front and rear doors with a half-bottle of RAID beginning at 8:45 P.M. sharp!

By the way, when using insecticide on Crickets, it's best to use the one with a picture of a Cricket on the bottle.  Or, you can get the combo "killer" cocktail doing in a pot-pouri of the pesky creepy-crawlers all at once.

It's a battle of will and strength that cannot be conquered in one night, so be patient in your fight.  There is one good outcome, however, if a Cricket invades your home.  You'll hear the "chirp" at 3 A.M. and realize your shift has started.