The scariest place in East Texas is not the ghosts haunting the Alamo on Halloween.  As "Maxwell Smart" would say, "would you believe State Highway 31?".  Not sure who Maxwell Smart is, kindly click here.

Known to the locals as "Bloody 31", the highway runs from U.S. Highway 84 northeast of Waco, to U.S. Highway 80 in Longview, via Corsicana, Athens, Tyler, and Kilgore.

The reason for its gruesome description is due to the large number of fatalities occurring there.  Since 2007, the Texas Department of Transportation announced 26 deaths and over 370 accidents on its 17 mile stretch of roadway, and the folks who live at the epicenter want something done - fast; already gathering around 400 signatures in hopes that someone in public safety is listening to their pleas for help.

Accordingly, there is a project scheduled for August 2013 to increase passing opportunities for motorists, but many say the death toll will still rise due to the lack of a concrete divider, and motorists going to fast for the conditions.