This story may not make the folks that drive 'lumber trucks', or that are in the 'timber business' very fond of me, but, as a safety precaution to all motorists, take notice when riding near a mill, or behind a bunch of freshly cut trees.

Drive the "224 Loop" connecting the outskirts of Nacogdoches with the inskirts of Lufkin, and you can find a debris filled highway full of dislodged wood chip clusters.  Get behind an 18 wheeler sporting an open bed of freight heading to Louisville to become baseball bats, and when you arrive at your destination, your windshield may look like it was hit with a baseball bat.

In a nutshell, there are those times when texting "big boy", talking to "honey bear", changing to track 3 on "Floyd's - 'Animals' CD, lighting up a cig, putting on blush, and inexplicably not paying attention to the roadway, become major concerns.

So, kindly heed my warning.  I truly enjoy our forest landscape, but rather admire it when it's not moving, and I don't mean waiting for the light to turn green.