Does Bigfoot really exist?  If it does, East Texas might be its home, and many Bigfoot seekers have come here looking for clues, many of which have ended up on Youtube.

Now you may be seeing your friends and acquaintances from East Texas in a new movie about the legend or reality of Bigfoot, depending on which philosophy you subscribe to.  Shooting starts today in Mineola on a movie called "Bigfoot Wars."

Most of the movie had already been cast, but there was a casting call for extras on Sunday at the Mineola train depot, and now that all of the parts for the movie have been filled including the extras, filming gets underway.  That's the reason for the extra trucks, bright lights, and equipment this week.

C. Thomas Howell and Judd Nelson will star in the film, and filming could stretch to a couple of towns near Mineola, but otherwise all of the scenes will be shot right there.  Online buzz about the movie says it's "an action packed creature feature of a town terrorized by the legendary Bigfoot."  Sounds like fun!

Think they'll find Bigfoot while they're shooting?  If they do, I'm sure they'll let us know.