Sir Elton John appeared yesterday on Good Morning America to talk about his new Super Bowl Commercial for Pepsi.

We know Elton likes to dress up, and in the spot he plays an imperious king -- complete with crown and robes -- who must judge X Factor winner Melanie Amaro's singing.

Sir Elton said that even though he's a knight in real life, he doesn't think actually being a king would be a good idea. He told GMA, "I love being a king, but I'd be too dangerous. I've got too many things inside of me saying, 'Off with their head.' So, I'd better not be king for a day or at least an hour."

About the halftime shows, Sir Elton told GMA that he'd "never" seen a halftime show that was "decent," but then thought about it a little more and admitted he thought the Rolling Stones and Prince were pretty good. Madonna performs this Sunday.