While he may have been behind the lens instead of starring in front of the camera, Tony Scott was a Hollywood giant when it came to his trade.

His name may not be recognizable, except for those in the tinsel town who's who, but his Director status for such hits as "Beverly Hills Cop II", Man on Fire", "Enemy of the State", "Days of Thunder", "Top Gun" starring Tom Cruise, and "Crimson Tide" with Denzel Washington, made Tony Scott a well respected "A"-lister amongst the troops.

Although his movies were consistent box office hits, he was rarely praised for his endeavors, and not only did he not win an Academy Award (which he should have), but he was never, sadly, nominated for one.

Scott jumped off the Vincent Thomas Bridge in San Pedro, California on Sunday, amidst reports he committed suicide due to being diagnosed with inoperable brain cancer.  He was 68.

Here he talks about his last film, 2010's thriller - "Unstoppable":