I realize the world's a changin' at lightning speed.  I mean, that 32" top-of-the-line HD-TV you bought yesterday, is obsolete today.  My cell phone featuring 36-app capability is now considered a dinosaur, even though I upgraded just last week!  But, I was completely unaware of the legality of not forking over after the meal.

It happened at a restaurant in Houston, where after a family of six had finished their dining experience, they intentionally did not tip the mandatory 17% minimum that was memorialized on the menu.  They cited less than stellar service, a rude wait staff, no refills on drinks (non-alcoholic presumed), and mistaken food order(s).

Whether or not the family should have left some nominal gratuity is debateable, but being locked inside the establishment until Sergeant Friday and Officer Gannon arrived is mind-boggling, especially when you consider the negative consumer publicity this type of story has generated.  Not surprising, the cops really had no answer for this, but the family decided to pony up, just to avoid additional confrontation.  Where's Judge Judy when you need her most?

Bon Appetit!