It's no secret that alcohol strips away inhibitions.  Maybe there are a few things that you can't do sober, but once you have a few beers you're an expert and ready to enter a national competition.

Like pool.  I don't drink much anymore because it gives me migraines, but back in the day I was a pool sharp-shooter after a few rum and Diet Cokes.  Without any alcohol at all I was terrible at pool.  And you?  Are you better at karaoke after a few drinks?  That's what many people say, and it's one of the top answers on a new survey.

Karaoke is number 17 on the list of the top twenty answers, and being better at pool or darts is number 4.

Alcohol also seems to improve writing skills.  Some say they become better at "composing heart felt emails to people that there is unfinished business with."  People are also better at sending "bold if inadvisable text messages" while under the influence. That comes in at number four.

Any guess at what the number one answer is?

It turns out (if you didn't already know) that a few martinis can make us great at socializing with others.  Socializing ranks as the number one answer on the list of "20 Things We're Only Good at When We're Drunk."

We're funnier, we're more flirty, and we're the general life of the party after a few drinks.  Take away the alcohol and we're quiet as a church mouse and semi-boring apparently.

The sober people who compose great emails and responsible texts, tell good jokes, and manage to have fun without alcohol must hold the key to life.  And they can always take a little inspiration from their drunk friends.  Cheers!