I'm disappointed that the closest Foreigner will get to us this year is May 12th in Austin.  Last time I saw them perform was under the stars in 1986 at Irvine Meadows Amphitheater in "So-Cal".  Had a "lawn" seat, as in bring your own lawn chair.  Those that failed to do so, either stood or sat on the grass.  Don't like outdoor concerts.  Concerts are made for intimate settings - indoors!  The further back you are, the more people gather, then shout to one another trying to to converse over what can only be described, as deafening treble.  And there's a little matter of acoustics -- which suck -- because the only thing left for the sound to bounce off of is the popcorn bucket from the guy next to you who thinks he's at the "Monster Truck" show!

Good to hear that even though 67 year old senior citizen Mick Jones is recovering from cardiac issues, the show still goes on with phenom fill in guitarist, Bruce Watson.  Can't make the venue in Austin?  No problem!  You can get your entire Foreigner fix right here at Q107, THE Classic Rock leader!