Prior to joining the Army, and graduating from college, 23 year old 2nd Lieutenant Jalyessa Walker was a cheerleader from the University of Texas El Paso (UTEP).  A really, really good cheerleader!

Last Saturday (November 24), over 20,000 fans were in attendance for the game between Rice and UTEP, which was won by the Owls (33-24), and while the gridiron action was heart pounding, you couldn't help notice the jaw dropping feats of Ms. Walker during halftime.

Had the football field been any longer, I believe Jalyeesa would have landed in New Mexico, but as it stood, she accomplished an over 100 yard end zone to end zone "flip", taking 47 tumbles with her to the record books - once the video has been reviewed by Guinness.

Even more remarkable for Walker, was that during practice runs, she developed tendinitis in her wrists after only 30 handsprings and had to cut off her session immediately.

The old record, by the way, was established by yet another Texan, Miranda Ferguson of St. Mark's School of Texas who did 35 flips in October of this year!

Here's the winning video: