Have you ever watched a movie and muttered that William Devane looked just like J.F.K., or that Denzel Washington was a drop dead lookalike for Malcolm X?

Well, unbelievable Freddie Mercury clone, Sacha Baron Cohen has backed out of a biographical project of Queen's lead singer.  According to reports from Vintage Vinyl News, disagreements had arisen between the films producers, some of which are surviving Queen members.

The current plan of action was to offer audiences a 'PG' look into Mercury's life, but Cohen wanted to explore an 'R' rated version featuring Mercury's homosexuality.  Cohen has made previous cases for going outside the box with "Da Ali G Show", "Les Miserables", and of course, "Borat".

It is not surprising to those in the know that the life story of musicians typically take the road less traveled in order to steer clear of nasty fallout, despite the fact that the artist is deceased.  Trampling all over ones grave is usually not the portrayal being adapted for the big screen, and it could even be safe to assume that record sales have something to do with this notion.

So, for now. the project is still green-lighted, but how long will it be before another actor carrying the same physical resemblance to Mercury, can be found.