Halloween is right around the corner, so naturally, Hollywood is pushing their scary movies this time of year.  This is the "trailer" for a movie that isn't real, but I think it's pretty funny.

Now I am not a huge fan or scary movies.  Not because they are scary, but just because sometimes they are downright ridiculous, which is why I thought this was hilarious.  This video is from Woodhead Entertainment.  They're a young production company based in Los Angeles. They strive for juvenile humor with professional execution, and are in no way affiliated with Danny Woodhead of the New England Patriots. They just think he's a good player, and wanted to name their production company after him. (Yeah, right, haha.)  Either way, it's still a pretty funny video, and you have to admit, the quick cuts of the chicks in their bikinis is nice too!

Seriously though, just, stay out of the pool.