Working out is all about getting great exercise and burning maximum calories, right?

Not exactly.

For some women, it's about looking good and impressing the fellas!  But guys, here's why women may be looking LESS hot while working out very soon.

Most women who wear makeup while working out - whether it's at the gym or some other public place - admit they don't work out as hard.   The best workouts come when us gals are not wearing makeup.  With full makeup on, we're too worried about a smudge, smear, or a drip ruining our pretty faces!  So we back off a little, take it easy during the workout, and end up with about half the workout we would have had, if we'd gone to the gym without makeup.

Attention, people of the gym; you're going to have to put up with the makeup-less mess!  Us gals will be re-focusing our efforts on burning calories, and if that means no makeup, then so be it.  We'll be sexy and hot later, at happy hour!

And guys, for the record, you don't look all that hot while you're sweaty.