Got lost the other day driving through a maze of "Loops" that took me to Texarkana, when I really wanted to be in San Augustine.  Wasn't a total waste of time though, as my illustrious navigational knack inspired an adventurous detour to the depths of the trifecta, best the ARK-LA-TEX.  Okay, I hear ya' English please.

I found a Garage Sale.  Don't know if I made the million dollar purchase, but sure had fun anyway.  One thing should be touched upon, if I may (because I like to get your input before spewing my beliefs), for those of you thinking about having a Garage Sale, change the sign to "MOVING SALE".  This implies a sense of urgency, whereby the treasure seeker needs to decide quickly, because next week the sidewalk will be empty, and the 14th century cigar box used by Edgar Allan Poe will undoubtedly end up in the hands of someone looking for a 50 cent ashtray!

Remember, MOVING SALE on the signage means your "stuff" should MOVE -- much faster than normal!