Been to the gas station recently?  Prices are looking "swe - e - e - e - et"! While we may not ever see $2.50/gallon again, when compared to the overseas cost of petroleum, with the exception of oil rich regions abroad (including Puerto Rico?), the U.S. still reigns superior in less expensive fuel.  Check this out:

In Spain, the equivalent U.S. dollar value is $4.55/gallon; in Switzerland, $4.34/gallon; in Portugal, $5.35/gallon; in France, $5.54/gallon; in Italy, $5.96/gallon.

Now there are a few countries where gas prices are significantly lower than the U.S.  For example, Lebanon is only $2.63/gallon (but, run over one landmine after three miles, and your final fill-up computes to nealy $40/gallon).  Want more?

Click here to see a global synopsis of gas prices.  Then go to this site to view daily updates of  gas prices for all of East Texas.