Not much publicity came from this one, but 29 year-old George Zimmerman, the man exonerated in the Trayvon Martin shooting on July 13, was cruising through Texas one week ago Sunday, when he was pulled over for speeding.

Brian Brooks, city manager of Forney, Texas, about 30 miles southeast of Dallas, where Zimmerman was stopped said:

" wasn't for super-excessive speeds, they just got him on regular speeding..."  "'s a pretty routine stop except for the fact that it was George Zimmerman."

Zimmerman was also carrying a gun in the glove department, but it is not readily known if he volunteered that information, or was responding to the police officer's inquiry.  When asked where he was going, Zimmerman responded "nowhere in particular."

The entire ordeal lasted less than five minutes.  Zimmerman was ran for warrants and released with a warning to "slow down".  Texas law allows for possession of a weapon in the glove box.