Did you know the average household now has about $300 in gift cards to spend? That's free money, yet many people forget to spend it. Forget to spend it? Make the most of that cash!

The experts say use a coupon with the gift card to really maximize it. And you don't necessarily have to clip a coupon. If you have a smart phone you can find the coupon online, and just show it to the clerk at the register.

If the gift card isn't really to a store that you love, the experts say it's okay to regift it, and brighten someone's day who does love the store.

E-gift cards are growing in popularity, but sometimes those emails can be mistaken for spam and the money goes right into the trash. Heads up! Thats money you're accidentally, or automatically deleting.

Today, the day after Christmas, is one of the busiest shopping days of the year with folks off work and kids out of school. We've had many of the "busiest" shopping days lately, but all of it works together to yank the economy out of the cellar and keep it moving steadily ahead. So happy shopping today.

And happy returning too. Enjoy the maze of soda 12-packs set up for your returning convenience. Perhaps you can exchange that unwanted merchandise for a gift card.