Before heading back to Lufkin to observe the fireworks extravaganza at Ellen Trout Zoo, I took a side trip to Big Sandy.  Located at the crossroads of U.S. Highway 80 and Texas State Highway 155, the city isn't all that "Big", but on Independence Day, it became larger than life itself.

Since I have never seen a well known politician up close, I thought this may be that one chance to rub elbows with one of the most popular men in Texas history.

Now, I'm probably a lot like you, meaning that watching these same people delivering their viewpoints on C-SPAN, or debating other world leaders in a robotic action similar to a G.I. Joe figurine, is boring.  But, when it comes to a down home waffle breakfast in a tiny hamlet setting, listening to the top Texas official speak, it actually gave me "goose bumps".

Remember the "Footloose" movie (1984) when Reverend Shaw Moore spoke to the neighbors on the front porch, followed by a mini sermon at the high school, and concluding with a speech at the women's club meeting?  That's the way it felt on July 4, 2012 listening to Governor Rick Perry's address.  Could have heard a pin drop, and if you closed your eyes, you would have thought you were in that fictitious town of "Bomont".

One more item I can now cross off my "bucket list".