Usually I don't get so emotional that tears free flow from my eyes, but there are those solemn events in one's life that necessitate a good cry, and for me, there is no better day -- than tomorrow.

Please share your love with me when I tell you that this "holiday" is so extra special, that I'm planning a personal celebration here at the radio station.  No R.S.V.P. required.  You are all invited to attend and become my special guests, so long as you bring your own food & drink (no alcohol please - at least not during business hours).

Better bring your own folding chair too; and a napkin just in case you spill.

Just one requirement though before entering the building, and that is you must come in costume as your favorite Classic Rocker.  No prizes will be handed out, but if we can't figure out "who you are", we will laugh at you uncontrollably.

By now the saliva is dripping from your mouth in anticipation of this glorious event, and I know you all share my enthusiasm when I tell you that August 2nd is.......

National  "HUG  A  DJ DAY"!!!!