Fellas, how long before you've had enough on a shopping trip with your gal?

As you might guess, men and women have different endurance levels on shopping trips, and guys wear out a lot faster than gals do.  Ladies can go all day!  At what point do guys give up?

According to a study, men have had enough shopping after 26 minutes.  Us gals have barely finished our warm ups by that point!  We've barely assessed the stores and sales by that point, and we've hardly had time to plan our attack.

Women can go all day for sure, but the study says we will usually quit after two hours.  It takes us longer to find what we need, and guys are more pin-pointed and go right for it, get it, and leave.

And most guys admit to leaving by themselves while their spouse or sig other is still shopping.

This is precisely why us gals go shopping by ourselves or with a few girlfriends.  Friends are like that cup of Gatorade that comes to a marathon runner from the side of the road...they are endurance!  We're in it for the long haul.  And that's probably precisely why guys would prefer that we get the shopping out of our system with the gals, rather than drag them along and put them through needless pain.

Now, can we talk about whose credit card we put all this on?