If you had to take a wild guess which gender hasn't even started their Christmas shopping yet, you might in inclined to pick guys. And you'd be correct.

Conclusion-jumpers assume that women are better-known for hitting the stores early, armed with credit cards and looking for the best deals right after Thanksgiving, and in some cases all year long. If anyone is going to have a "Christmas closet" stuffed to the gills with random gifts picked up at different points during the year, it will be someone of the female persuasion. When it comes to shopping, guys are better known for being dragged along to the mall when they'd rather be at home watching a Cowboys game.

That may be stereotypical, but sometimes the stereotypes turn out to be right on.

Reuters says just over 20 percent of guys have not started Christmas shopping yet, and 15 percent of women at this point have yet to buy a gift. There are some guys who are finished shopping already. Good for you! But as Reuters points out, a guy's list can be tiny because wives usually take care of the bulk of the gift-buying.

Several weeks ago a stat came out that said those who wait until the last minute to shop end up spending the least amount of money. The early shoppers apparently forget what they've purchased, and end up spending more than they had in initially intended. So maybe you procrastinatin' fellas are onto something.

Regardless, there are just four and a half days left to get your shop on. Oh, and support the local Mom and Pop shops. There are plenty of great places in Lufkin and Nac to find unique gifts for both genders. Have a great holiday!