It's more than a few bags of candy and a twenty dollar costume.  Turns out, the average person drops about $300 on Halloween.  

And we spend more on the dog costume than we do a child's!  The average parent spends $32 on a child’s costume, and the average pet owner spends $59 on a costume for the dog.  Can Fido even Trick-or Treat?  Chocolate is not good for dogs.

The Halloween Shopping Survey from Savers Inc., says 90 percent of adults are planning to create a brand new look this season rather than repurpose costumes from years past.  Another 81 percent will purchase new decorations for their home.

Additional highlights:

  • On average, people dressing up for Halloween spend 61 days planning and preparing their costumes.
  • 13 percent plan for Halloween a year or more in advance while 20 percent wait until the last minute to decide on their costume.
  • Pet owners will spend $59 on average dressing up their pets for Halloween
  • Parents on average will spend $32 on a child’s costume.

Enjoy the candy corn-peanut combination found this time of year in may office break rooms.  That's some addictive stuff.