Hello.  My name is Rick St. Nick, and I am the Brand Manager at Classic Rock Q107.

Here's wishing everyone a healthy and prosperous New Year!

Rolling into 2013, Q107 (on-line @ Q1077.com) not only spins the best Classic Rock tuneage, but presents a one-of-a-kind daily sports program encompassing athletics from local to regional; national to worldwide.

Look to our website for incredible listener experience's such as saving money with "Seize The Deal", along with taking advantage of our "Instant Win Word" of the day.  You will need to register as a Q107 V.I.P., so I'm counting on you doing that quickly, if you haven't already done so.

We also have some the hippest bloggers posting on our website, to keep you abreast about the legendary musicians associated with our musical climate; keeping you informed about the East Texas "street scene" (local happenings); offering compelling insight into East Texas venues; and closely monitoring stories affecting citizen outcomes.

Expect a new twist next year as we present an investigative journalist perspective on important issues, and common sense values that enter our lives without so much as a whisper.  Time to awaken that sleeping giant, and report where the windfalls really fall upon.  These entries will include topics on consumer goods and services, government, and health, just to name a few.

Plus, if you have something on your mind that you feel requires attention to our listening and readership audience, I invite you, rather encourage you, to submit me an e-mail to:


Kindly provide your name and telephone number when writing, as we will be unable to respond back if you do not include this information.  Being loyal fans of this radio station, we welcome and appreciate your opinion, suggestions and dialogue.

Thanks for your time, and most of all for listening to "The Classic Rock Station", Q107 and on-line at Q1077.com!