There may not be something "Strange" about Heart's new box set CD, but "Euphoric" - indeed!

Taking fans back through the evolutionary cycle that is pure Heart, "Strange Euphoria", the climatic discharge of Ann & Nancy Wilson's tribute to some of their best classic rock of four decades, is exceptionally highlighted in what is hopefully not the end of the road for this flame throwing sister act.

With over fifty tracks on the three CD set, about 40% of those were never released.  Which means, that the old Heart is still in our hearts, when listening to these timeless memories.  Almost as if they released a "new" album, you will feel the vibe of 1975 all over again.

Then there's the DVD extra recorded live in 1976, when stage presence by the ladies was awkward at best.  Remember, at that time, Ann & Nancy were still grooming themselves for cult-like status they didn't even know existed.

Here's a THEN and NOW video of Top 15 smasher "Straight On", which is sure to punch your nostalgia button:

Heart was originally formed in 1970 under the "White Heart" label, and changed to "Hocus Pocus" in 1972 (when Ann joined, and not to be confused with "Hocus Pocus" by Focus), before settling on just, plain, "Heart".  Nancy joined the group in 1974.

The compilation will set you back about four Alexander Hamilton's (a softer way to say $40), but the music is - priceless!

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