Look out!  Texas is in the news - again!  Maybe because our state is so big, there's just more going on than let's say - Delaware.

This time Bastrop, TX takes center stage for a scene right off the "Scy-fy" channel, and according to Walker Hale, who is a board-certified entomologist, spider season is fully amped up.

In Bastrop, Texas, Jason & Victoria Fisher have some very unwanted guests invading their home.  Not just any spider mind you, but a healthy onslaught of Taratantulas (that's the proper pronunciation when unexpectedly confronted by these "monster's" in bulk), and Scorpions.

For the non-"freighty-cat"s out there, it's all part of rural life to some extent.  The Fisher's have three children, two doggies, and a rabbit.  When compared to the Tarantula, it is the calmest of the bunch, not really an aggressive beast.  That's why some people keep them as pets.  Scorpions on the other hand will go for the jugular if provoked.

For now, the scorpion population inside the Fisher's residence has declined thanks to regular visits by the exterminator, but according to Mr. Hale, "There is no tried and true method of keeping tarantulas off your property.  They don't pick up pesticides the same way that insect might by consuming them."