Remember the slogan "There's gold in them thar hills!"  Always thought it was nothing more than just that - a slogan.  Much like shouting "Four" when you are about to strike a golf ball.  Not only do I know better, but Timothy Yost from Bastrop, Texas also knows "there's gold in them thar hills!"

Down on his luck (being homeless), and about to wash his feet in the river, Yost discovered a bag that clanked.  Finding some wet "C" notes, along with a staggering amount of gold coinage, he abandoned his original plans, heading straight for a bank to get some "dry" bills.

That's when the police were called, and a three month waiting period began for the rightful owner to claim the lost treasure.  One inquiry was made, however, that person inexplicably backed out.  Once authorities discovered no evidence of the loot being involved in criminal activity, it paved the way for Timothy's big pay day - approximately $77,000!

It may take some time for Yost to get his cash though.  He's currently in the Bastrop jail for trespassing and intoxication issues!