These sorts of lists always create arguments. Do you think our neighbors in Houston are the "coolest" in the US?

Forbes Magazine thinks so.

According to, and it's list of the Coolest Cities in America, Houston is better than all the rest. Do you agree? Criteria included entertainment options, green space, outdoor activity venues, the per capita number of non-chain restaurants and bars, and the cultural diversity of residents. Have you been anywhere cooler than Houston?

Another Texas city made the top ten. Dallas was 4th. I guess if we have to pick a city to drive to for a long weekend to hang out, we should pick Houston, according to Forbes. Rounding out the top 10 were: Washington, D.C.; Los Angeles; Seattle; San Diego; Boston; Orange County; San Francisco; New York.

The Houston Astros may be the worst team in baseball, and Houston may have construction projects that tie up traffic for what feels like days, but it's got some good restaurants! Way to go Houston.