Public kisses are always subject to judgment aren't they? The smooch can't be too long cuz people around you get uncomfortable, and it can't be too short cuz people might think you're scared, or not all that fond of your sweetie pie after all.

So how long should the perfect New Year's Eve kiss last? It depends on how long you and your significant other have been together actually.

A new survey from It's Just Lunch, the dating website, says this about the length of the kiss when the clock strickes midnight at a party New Year's Eve: if you've been together three months or less, the kiss should last 7 seconds.

Don't look at your watch because you'll lose cool points for sure!

If you've been together three months or longer, the kiss should last 12 seconds.

This applies if you're at a party. If you're spending the New Year's Eve holiday at home, well then it can last as long as you want. Nobody's watchin'.

Happy New Year!