Chances are, if you’ve strolled through Lufkin Mall lately, you’ve heard Christmas music piping through the speakers as you shop.

Maybe you’ve thought nothing of it. Tis the season after all, and we expect to hear the Christmas music in our favorite stores. In fact, not hearing it would be an odd thing.

Some say hearing the Christmas songs can make us spend more money in that store. No way! And then we add up our receipts from the shopping season and realize how much we’ve spent, and it would be kinda nice to blame our lack of control on something.

The UK’s Telegraph says academics are concerned Christmas music in the stores can cause us to be careless with our money. Is it our fault? Some stores are accused of slowing down the Christmas music to influence our sense of time and keep us in the store longer. Slowing down the tempo of music in shops can trick customers into thinking less time has passed, according to the Telegraph.

Do you agree? Hearing “Jingle Bells” may not scream, “Buy a Furby,” but perhaps it improves our mood and makes us feel generous. Before we know it, every kid in the family is getting a Furby and an iPad, and we buy a flat screen TV for ourselves. Tis the season.

If we play the songs backward, will they encourage us to return the items and get our money back?