Going back to 1986, I have not only owned a paper shredder, but have used it more than the can opener.  Every home needs one, and the return on investment is priceless.

Exhausting 500 hours of my life due to identity theft carnage, re-explaining who I am to my bank and credit card company, is simply unjustifiable when a $50 paper shredder does the trick.

One Nacogdoches neighborhood was missing nearly thirty trash cans, and that really adds up to two legitimate conclusions; a gang of thieves are looking to get KICKS on a Monday night, or the group of bandits want your personal information.

In the case of the NAC heist, the cans were recovered in another part of the city with most of the garbage intact, yet, nobody can be sure their identity wasn't compromised.

That's why identity theft is so valuable to the criminals.  By the time we find out about it, we're in debtor's prison until we can prove to the jeweler that we didn't buy the matching "King Tut" earrings.

If you can, buy a shredder, and sleep better on "trash night"!