Tech lovers and iPhone users can't wait!
The latest iPhone version will be introduced at Apple headquarters next Tuesday, October 4.  The anticipation seems ripe, so it's probably on its way to becoming Apple's biggest seller yet.   Will you stand in line? 
Steve Jobs is usually the man to present the new phones, but he recently stepped down because of health reasons.  So his successor, Tim Cook, will be drumming up the excitement.  Like the iPhone really needs the hype.

The word is it will have an improved camera, faster processor and updated software that offers new notification and text messaging systems.

It's been 16 months since the last iPhone update so demand should be intense.  Apple expects to sell 110 million units in 2012, which puts it on a faster pace than the 40 million sold during the first half of 2011.

Not bad.  Now get the app so you can listen live to Q107 on your phone.  Even us ole Android users can get it here on for free.  Happy tech-ing!