Here's where chanting "Union Forever" takes on a completely different meaning than advocating worker's rights through a dues protection program.

Needed to dig up an old moth eaten history book from the attic to look up the facts on the original Texas departure from the United States (I know, could have used the internet, but there are just some things I'm purist about --  sorry!).  That happened on February 1, 1961, then one month later on March 2, Texas joined the Confederate States of America.

Whomever said history repeats itself likely had breakfast with Nostradamus one morning, because the petition for Texas to separate itself from the other 49 red, white, and blue, is gaining political notoriety.

With the exception of Vermont, there are on line petitions for each state, allowing citizens to sign-up for seceding.  Guess which state has garnered the most signatures?  Yup!  Over 100,000 thus far, and get this, the White House has said they will entertain the idea of reviewing any petition in excess of 25,000 electronic signatures.

Wait...there's more!  The city of Austin is requesting permission to...secede from the STATE!  Will that mean a higher fare on Southwest Airlines?

In the fairness of journalism, the "We the People" petition site is linked here.

Here's Texas National Movement's Daniel Miller speaking on the Glenn Beck show: