If there's one thing we've learned about Hurricane Isaac so far, it's that the storm has a mind of its own. First it was making a beeline for the Florida panhandle. Then it changed its mind and headed straight for New Orleans. Isaac finally made landfall in Louisiana late Tuesday night, then retreated briefly back to the Gulf, as if Louisiana had just sucker-punched it right in the face and forced it to think twice about coming in there. But alas, Isaac has hit our neighbors to the east, and hurricane warnings are out.

What does that mean for East Texas?

Of course it all depends on how Isaac decides to track, but some computer models have heavy rain coming to East Texas as Isaac makes its way to the north through Arkansas and Missouri. It would most likely be an inch or two of heavy rain here on Thursday, with larger totals to the east.

So if you're headed east for Labor Day weekend, you might want to check the forecast first.

If Isaac tracks further west, we'll have heavier rain in East Texas and several additional inches, and the Midwest could get some major drought relief as the storm heads north.

This isn't Katrina, but it sure does remind us of of that storm. Evacuees have flocked to Houston and packed hotel rooms there, and you may see some of them in East Texas too. Welcome! But for your sake, we hope you're able to go home soon.